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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Cydnie Cydnie
Passed with confidence
Passed with 4 minors, very happy with the outcome and thankful that Dan was patient and calm with me in lessons. My driving lessons have been very fun and rewarding and I couldn’t thank Dan enough. I started off being very nervous and refusing to drive on the roads however with each lesson I became more confident and comfortable driving, by the end of it I couldn’t wait to get behind the wheel! Would definitely recommend Dan as an instructor, you couldn’t ask for anyone better, big thanks to him! Wooo

Happy Chap
Learning to drive with Dan was great. He is a very calm and professional instructor at all times with a good sense of humour. I was very worried when I first started learning to drive again as a different previous instructor ruined my confidence in the car about 5 years ago. Dan was able to build up my confidence back up again so I was able to pass a practical driving test. I don't think any other instructor would have put up with me. Very patient and clear instructions without sounding bossy. Would recommended to anyone looking for an amazing instructor to learn with.

‘Safe drive’
I had always been afraid to start driving and I never thought I could do it. However, from my first lesson onwards, Dan explained clearly things to me. He encouraged me when I was scared. He is very calm, honest, fun and makes driving enjoyable rather than stressful. He is professional and I would highly recommend him. I will miss him very much. Thank you for everything Dan.

Rachel Rachel
1st Time Pass
I passed first time with Dan! Can’t thank him enough. I had some previous driving experience from a few years ago with another instructor yet with Dan’s help using the LDC system I was ready for test in no time. I’m currently at university so I booked a test booster which we done all in 10days when I was home to which Dan was flexible to fit me in and can’t thank him enough for that. Dan is an easy going instructor and made the lessons fun making the learning 100 times easier. He was always calm with me and reassured me that I am doing well despite me doubting myself all the time. I also liked that he asked me what I wanted to do at the start of each lesson rather than just deciding for me. What I thought was going to be extremely stressful turned out to be easier than I thought all thanks to Dan. He simplified the manoeuvres, explained them really well so that I could understand. I would definitely recommend Dan. Thanks again Dan!!!

Train Hard Test Easy
Passed first time! I really enjoyed my lessons with Dan all the laughs made learning to drive so much fun, his teaching methods are amazing especially when we used the LDC System. Would definitely recommend. I will miss the having lessons with Dan. Thank you so much.

Passed first time with one minor! Absolutely chuffed. I'd been having lessons with a few instructors before finding Dan and we clicked from the start. He has been super patient but also really good at giving me confidence and was also really good at explaining manoeuvres and driving situations. Really flexible with my times too and a great teacher but most importantly gave me the confidence I needed to pass. He talked through the unique LDC system which I would definitely recommend as it kept me on track and allowed me to tailor the lessons to me. I would recommend Dan to anyone!!!

One & Done
I passed 1st time. Dan tailored my driving lessons to enhance on specific areas that I felt I wasn’t confident in. As an instructor he has a unique teaching style which made it very easy to grasp driving and various maoeuvres. We did the lessons in my car which I took to my test. Dan is very encouraging and patient, which made me feel so at ease. I was out of Dan’s local area, but he made every effort to fit me in and I felt empowered to take my test. I feel I passed first time with Dan as he is an amazing instructor. I can’t thank you enough Dan!

Tomas Tomas
One and done!
I was really happy when I started driving lessons with Dan because I found he was really easy to get along with which made everything ten times easier. General driving was ok for me however I found manoeuvres very hard initially but the way Dan explained it to me along with the technique I got it I no time. At the start of each lesson we structured the lessons using the LD system and based on what I wanted to do which really help me improve in that certain area. Best thing about Dan’s lessons is they were calm and enjoyable and I got to drive myself home from work. Lastly just wanted to say a big big thanks to Dan!

Done and Dusted
Sooo happy that I've passed! Can’t thank Dan enough. Dan and I worked through the LDC book which kept us on track and made the lessons specific to me so that I can be test ready in no time. I doubted myself at times but Dan reassure me that I could do it and I did. My results sheet with only two minors says it all. Had ups and downs and funny moments but I got there in the end with Dan’s help keeping the lessons fun and engaging. Would definitely recommend Dan especially as he was very patient with me. Thanks again Dan!!!!!

Top Stuff!
Learning to drive with Dan has been amazing. He is a fun, patient and very understanding. As a very nervous and highly anxious person he was calm and collected and talk me through everything until I had built my confidence and could break down the barriers I was putting in front of myself, again due to my own nervous and anxiety. We used the home learning book and dvds as part of my lessons, which were a great help to have at home to go through what I was still no comfortable with or what I wanted to work, and also to say what I was more then happy having done and was very confident with. I was still reading my book on the day I finally passed my test to make sure I was confident with certain questions and answers I may have been asked during the test. Truly Dan is an amazing teacher and would not have enjoyed learning to drive with anyone else, as much as I did him. Thank you Dan.

Owen Owen
Couldn’t be happier, I passed with only 3 minors
Couldn’t be happier with Dan’s teaching as I passed with only 3 minors. He helped me using the LD system and delivered the training in a fun way yet even when I made mistakes he was very calm never got angry and kept me safe! Going to miss my lessons with Dan!

Rob NeaveRob Neave
Passed in 4 days
Couldn’t be more happy with Dan, working through LD system with the book and DVD helped even more. It was 5 day course and with Dans help we passed in 4 days due to test availability. He was very patient and calm and delivered the lessons in a very fun and easy going manner. I would happily recommend Dan to anyone I know who is looking to pass their test!!!